Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall back

Hailing from DST-free Hawaii, I still find the concept of changing time elusive. Sure, it helped farmers capitalize on sunlight, but when artificial light surrounds us constantly, why keep it? Serbia fell back today for which I'm grateful since it gave me an extra hour to spend with my host family in Novi Sad before returning to Belgrade. But the US falls back next Sunday, November 1st. If we're going to decide that we control time and we can add and remove an hour biannually, can't we at least establish a worldwide day to honor this phenomenon? Alas.

I recently learned an uplifting fact in favor of DST which is that there are fewer accidents when the time changes in the fall because people get an extra hour of sleep the evening before. I surely hope there's not some inverted effect in the spring.

The following clip from The West Wing ridicules this folly and never fails to make me laugh:

I posted this video to honor my first ever DST, but I think it's worth a second look.

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