Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Aussie Open title!

Earlier today while I was sitting in my favorite kafana in Belgrade, a raucous group of a dozen or so men began to scream, knock over their chairs, and demand more rakija. They had made their presence known from the moment they entered the restaurant and from time to time they would vocalize inexplicable excitement or aggravation. When I asked the server what the fuss was about, he beamed and exclaimed, "Djokovic made us proud again."

I've written before about Djokovic's 
celebrity that verges on a religion in Serbia. In just half a decade this man practically put Serbia back on the map, or at least back into the world's consciousness, and in an utterly positive way by displaying incredible skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Today, Nole (Serbian nickname for Novak) won his sixth Australian Open title, sweeping the final round and making Serbs everywhere beam with pride.

Svaka ti čast ~ congrats, Djokovic!

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