Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Who'd have thought I'd ever blog about sports? Not I. But this afternoon I found myself enjoying a palacinka (crepe) and some tea in a restaurant with a television projecting a seemingly important match between two tennis players. It wasn't simply a background projection, either. No this makeshift screen had been set up specially for their customers and all eyes were fixated to the match. I'd heard about Novak Djokovic the celebrity Serbian tennis player so the trance over all in the restaurant made sense when I saw his name on the screen. He's an idol for many in Serbia. I came into the restaurant when he led 2-0 which created a very fun, not so tense atmosphere. I joined in and watched him win the match but I had more fun hearing the Serbs' cheers and curses through the last twenty minutes and after Djokovic's final serve, which ended the match, applause broke out and I received hugs and handshakes from everyone in the restaurant. In September, I believe, there was some important basketball game in which Serbia was in the final four teams. Unfortunately they lost but our group watched that game in a cafe in Novi Sad and we had an equally fun time watching the passionate Serbs. Perhaps I will follow Djokovic this season...

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Pardon my butchered sports terminology. Go Serbia!

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