Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter wonderland

In a matter of days snow has made its presence known. My dad pointed out the irony in the fact that as I first came to Novi Sad I was freezing in the fifties and yet as I moved to Nis I felt blessed with good weather even though it was in the forties. No longer above 0º C, we have moved to colder times yet again.

Yesterday my host mom showed me a beautiful path that leads up the hill that our house is on. It was slightly too cold to take the path all the way up the mini mountain, but we managed to stop and make a snowman after enjoying the view of Nis from a higher elevation. While we were walking, however, I was so focused on where I should make my next step that I didn't even notice how extraordinarily beautiful it had become. There weren't any houses or roads, just prirod (nature). And this path is just around the corner from our house! I'm not sure how many more times I'll walk the trail during the winter but come spring I see many afternoons spent adventuring this path.

sneško belić snowman

Niš + sneg (snow)

It's moments like those where you realize the perks of winter, and then you realize your fingers are numbing, the car windows are frozen over, and you no longer can feel your toes and you just want to feel warm again. Oh Hawaii, how I miss you.

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