Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ahh SPRING (prolece) has arrived, and I LOVE (volim) it. The sun is smiling, people are smiling, I am smiling, it's just so nice! Since Tuesday we've had spring-consistent weather according to everyone so this is my first first week of spring and I can already tell I take to it more than the previous season. Yesterday I went for a two-hour walk around Trosarina (my neighborhood) and the city center and along the river just because. Just because! I like walking and I expect to do a lot of it in this weather but when it was icy and uncomfortable to be outside I made it a habit not to stay outside a moment more than necessary. I'm sure all of you who are spring seasoned experts (pun intended) are bored by my commentary because it seems to be the accepted response to the rising temperature but as a first-time springer I am going to glow a bit more. I feel giddy and spirited; it takes no feat of layers to walk out the door; slow walkers are slightly more tolerable; I wore sunglasses, sunglasses that I hadn't pulled out since our aberrant week of warmth in Belgrade last November, sunglasses that I carried with me daily at home (I know home is Hawaii and this is expected but still!); I'm simply happier, and it's predivno, more than wonderful.

Evidence for the season change and a camera-happy Katherine: a slew of pictures from my neighborhood and around town from my walk

Who let the dogs out? Sorry I had to. There is a huge stray animal (primarily dog) population in Serbia; in every village, town, and city I've visited we saw if not attracted our own herd of dogs just while walking around. I'm through and through a dog person and animal lover which made it difficult to see all these helpless pups finding food and shelter especially through the winter. I still want to give them a home but at least it's warmer now so seeing them outside isn't as heart-wrenching.

There are no larks or lilac trees, nope it's just the street where I live! It always amazed me how the vocally untrained Rex Harrison could pull off that song so well.

Happy spring everyone!

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