Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What a fun town. This was our pit-stop on the road to Montenegro and it just so happened that while we were there a medieval reenactment/face-off with competitors from the Balkans and Russia.

The town was built as a movie set for Emir Kusturica film “Underground” and Kusturica kept it operating since. People live and work there and keep it up as a village frozen in the traditional past. Drvengrad literally means wooden city.

Since Johnny Depp starred in Arizona Dream he is permanently there in stone-form like the Pirates ride at Disneyland, although he’s much more lively in the second. Depp and Kusturica are said to be good pals. Kusturica established the Küstendorf International Film and Music Festival a few years back and at least this year Johnny Depp attended.

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