Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been informed by a couple of people this week that they enjoy pictures so in my final week (yes, it is indeed the last full week that I'm in Serbia but we still have a month before the program finishes explained here) I promise to accompany all posts with tons of pictures. Beginning with this one about the intercultural day my service placement organized last Friday with Serbian and Roma youth.

All in all it was pretty successful. The students, 14 Roma and 26 Serb, did divide up initially because they didn't know each other but once put in random groups most people became friendly.

I was sorry to see that this wasn't the case with everyone, especially during the games period where we had four mixed teams and though within the teams people were nice enough, the competition got my male Roma students and some of the male Serbs got aggressive and we only played six out of the eight games because tensions were too high. Fortunately a short hike to the cross at the top of this mountain brought the group together again and it ended on a positive note.

Cross close-up


Farthest, it was a relatively steep trail, not much winding around so it only took about 15 minutes to get to the top


Below this church is a beautiful monastery for which the village garners pride. While we were there a daily prayer was being read and we got to listen and watch the ceremony. I very discretely took four pictures and here they are.

Prijatno! Enjoy!

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