Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Though winter has come, I thought I'd share some images of the fortress in fall. Kalemegdan park/fortress is my favorite part of Belgrade. As you can see, it's remarkable how a few steps into the park will lead you to forget you're in the middle of Serbia's capital along with two million others. When my mom visited, she compared this effect to NYC's Central Park. Plus it's not only a park, but a fortress at the confluence of the Sava and Danube riviers that the occupying power - be it the Roman, Byzantine, or Ottoman Empire - employed to defend its control over this crossroad between East and West.

Anyway, back to autumn. While friends and family in Hawaii are glad to never worry about shoveling snow, they also tend to admire the two-toned trees that don't emerge during Hawaii's perpetual summer. I hope this satisfies that fall fix:

Don't these photos make you want to see it for yourself? I'm not exaggerating when I say there's a lot more where this came from throughout the Balkans. Here are a few examples :)

And for kicks: a clock on the side of a building! 
Sat = hour, so it was about 3:16pm (15:16:22 to be exact).

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