Friday, December 18, 2015

Illustrative Wi-Fi networks

I recently noticed my neighbor's wifi network names, two of which, stand out as supremely Serbian. "25_Maj_5B": May 25th was Tito's birthday, and while he governed Yugoslavia, he initiated an annual "Youth Day" celebration to be held on his birthday. To honor the day's namesake, he summoned a Union of Pioneers, children who wore red scarves and blue hats called Titovka. On Youth Day, the pioneers participated in a "Relay of Youth" to celebrate Josip Broz's special day by designing batons that they passed among themselves through the major towns in Yugoslavia until it reached Tito in Belgrade. Though many street names changed after the break-up of Yugoslavia, May 25 remains the name of a main boulevard in Belgrade, and the Historical Museum of Yugoslavia is also called the May 25 Museum. A special day charged with nostalgia.

And, of course, "King Novak": As I've written before, he is deeply idolized by the Serbs. He even gets two networks in one apartment complex!

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  1. Can’t get much through this post but the theme of illustrative wi-fi networks appeals to me. The other part specifies different events, which relates to the youth and Serbian people.