Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today, October 31st/Halloween, is my first ever daylight savings time day! I got an extra hour of sleep last night or an extra hour of work time this morning because it is merely 8:30 here and yet it feels ever so slightly later. Hawaii doesn't have daylight savings time frankly because it's unnecessary; season changes are so minuscule rendering time change gratuitous. So next march I will 'spring ahead' like a novice for I understand it is more tedious to lose an hour than the reverse, but right now I'm blissfully enjoying a 25-hour Sunday.

And to amplify the affair, here is a superb moment of The West Wing which considers the farce of this very matter:

I believe Tony lost a bet with Josh earlier in the episode and that is the reason he asserts the house in which he works after his introduction. Prijatno (enjoy)! And Happy Halloween to one and all.

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