Saturday, October 23, 2010

New law against hooligans

Though extending the detainment period to 30 days doesn't seem too beneficial, any measures implemented this quickly shows that the parliament considers this a priority.

No matter the new restrictions, however, there is a major problem that lies in the judges in Serbia. They are not appointed by the government nor are they supposed to represent a particular party but their low wages have stirred corruption into their system which is why after the Pride parade and Genoa football match only a handful of hooligans were tried. Either the judges will be bribed by the accused's fellow hooligans or something they value (their life, family, friends) will be threatened by the same motley crew. And there have been cases in recent day where judges or their families were murdered, their houses burned, or children kidnapped. And since the judges are not protected by or affiliated with the government more than any other citizen, it doesn't appear difficult for the side with least deserts to win the judge's verdict.

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