Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healing the natural way

Last Friday I felt a cold front approaching, both in the weather and in my immune system. On Saturday it became evident that indeed the common cold had found my Serbian hideaway and on Sunday the hoarse intonation unveiled itself. I didn’t have the usual medicinal forms or healing nor did I have my mom by my side which seems to expedite the process, but I had a fruit market on the corner of the street, the option of soup with every meal, and plenty of reading and reflecting to keep me occupied in bed. And I exploited those resources: I ate a fruit and soup with every meal, I made an effort to talk far less than usual, I washed my hands six or seven times a day to try my best not to infect those around me, and I read a gem of a collection of essays. Today is Thursday and I can say with certainty that my minor malady is through! Though Kirkland Signature’s Nighttime medicine was missed, it seemed triumphant that I conquered this cold bez (without) manufactured products. I have a feeling that my first white winter will come with a myriad of sniffles so I will try to continue this attentiveness to health. And I hope that you all will stay healthy as well! Cao cao

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