Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life in a day; day in the life!

I figured it'd be quite difficult to explain my daily surroundings so instead I will create a photostory. All of these pictures were taken last Friday - 24/9.

Departing from my apartment around 8am, I have the luxury of choosing between meandering through a park or walking next to the street. I usually go for the street as it's about eight minutes quicker and those extra minutes of sleep are so much more tempting when my first alarm goes off at 7:30, then the second one sounds at 7:45 and by that point I am forced to greet the new day because my host sister is up and I receive a gentle lapping from Loli (family poodle that is rarely told 'ne'). So I step out the door and see:

Then comes language class for two to five hours, depending if I take both classes based on how ambitious I'm feeling. Normally I settle for 8:30-12 and leave during the lunch break of the second class. As I depart from the university I walk through the city center to finally reach CK13.

City Center:

Near CK:

And these are other miscellaneous pretties I captured last Friday:

Hopefully this paints a better picture of my life in Novi Sad!


  1. I'd be interested to see the road, what does "STOP" look like in Serbian? And it looks like there's a road sign cropped out of one of the photos...


  2. What, in Serbia, the 9th photo has grafitti!