Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're going to Belgrade!

I have a really interesting story that I've been meaning to share with you all but unfortunately my spare time has been limited. However it is fortunate as well because I am doing so many things here. But I very quickly wanted to inform you that our group is going to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on Friday and we're staying in Ceca's house that evening so we can do some more adventuring on Saturday. We are going to see a touring performance that was canceled last night in Novi Sad and thank goodness it was or else we wouldn't have been promised tickets for the show in Belgrade! Officially BYP allows for four trips each semester to other cities and neighboring countries for a day or two each and another trip for a whole week spent in Belgrade the first semester and Macedonia the second, but this doesn't count as one of these so we kind of get a bonus trip which is such a treat! This also means that I probably won't use a computer until Sunday, but I promise a thorough recap and some pictures of this week and our upcoming trip to Belgrade. Ah I'm so excited!!!

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