Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leave it to Lucy

I was having perhaps a few minimal instances of doubt and despair about my purpose/effectiveness here and this comic by Charles Schwartz did the trick to set my focus back on track. Normally I wouldn't take my advice from Lucy but here she proves her right to acknowledge that "The doctor is in."

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  1. Katherine,

    You are a smart and grounded human being. (Many other adjectives can describe you, but those are the two that I pulled out of the hat.) Even as you question the immediate benefits that you reap from your Serbian experience, this is obviously having an impact on you that will provide many returns in the future. Think of the appreciation that you’re getting for different cultures, new music, and layered clothing. Ultimately, this is making you a better person, and I’m sure that you will return it tenfold to the world.

    So temper your doubt and despair (but don’t repress them entirely either, because that’s not healthy either!), and live in the world and hold that football for me while I try to kick it.

    Take care,