Saturday, September 18, 2010

Belgrade in a paragraph

Belgrade is a serious city, which I expected, but I mean completely metropolitan. It seemed like a New York with European architecture. It is definitely beautiful, in a different way than Novi Sad. In Belgrade everything seems flashy and busy but Novi Sad has a much, much slower pace and it's more quaint. My host tata informed me that people from Novi Sad tend to not like Belgrade and vise versa, for the same reasons that I prefer Novi Sad: because there's fewer cars, people, shops, etc. However I really did like Belgrade just as I really do like New York, just in small doses. I'm still super excited to stay for an entire week in Belgrade in November since we are living in a hostel in the pedestrian zone so there will be many places to explore and no traffic to be bothered by. Food wise, I had some of the best foods since we'd arrived. In the pedestrian zone we had the most incredible hot chocolate from a cafe that we plan to visit everyday in November, and we ate some yummy wok from a Chinese restaurant right next to the cafe. (Side: I've been craving Thai, Japanese, and Chinese food so this definitely hit the spot, but it's strange because I never eat wok in Hawaii - the last time I had it was the summer of 2009 when I was in Montpellier, France. Perhaps it's the most popular Chinese dish in Europe.) But the best food was Ceca's husband's home cooking. He made a chocolate cake for our arrival and I had three slices because it was so delicious. And we also had two different types of pasta which were both amazing. So there's many things to look forward to our extended stay in Belgrade!

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