Monday, April 25, 2011

Food, Glorious Food: Dessert

Happy belated Easter!
In reviewing posts from the past eight months I realized there's not a good overview of food and hardly any pictures so over the next couple of days I'll post whatever pictures I've taken on food starting with the best course of all: dessert!

Gomboce: plum filled dumpling coated in cinnamon sugar

Palacinka so so good
Palacinka, I've raved about these enough, probably I'll miss them the most

Domaci sitni kolaci, I have a post about these here

Best palacinka place, Don Pepe, across the street from where Jill lived in Novi Sad

Tulumbe: a fried or baked dough soaked overnight in a super sweet syrup. People disagree whether this is Serbian or Croatian so most just say "balkan"

Sladoled ice cream is back! One of the many perks of spring.

The best baklava in the world! Dukat in Belgrade. I always thought baklava was greek, not turkish, because the first time I had it was at a greek restaurant but people here set me straight.

Lednja pita, literally lazy pie, they have 'pies' here but they are not at all like ones in the States. They are, however, equally delicious. This one has pumpkin, I've had pita sa visnjom (cherry) and jabukom (apple) as well. And pita sa sirom (with cheese, savory not sweet) is always around in my homestay, when you got to a friends house, at every bakery.

Can't get enough of those palacinke! This is at a sit-down palacinka restaurant, a palacinkerie if you will, and it's a bit more elaborate than the over-the-counter joints but I actually prefer eating it out of a sleeve.

Tufahije: apples soaked in sugar (poached apples?) filled with candied walnuts and topped with cream

And on six occasions I've baked or attempted familiar sweets: 3 times chocolate chips cookies (twice they turned out great, this first time shown below, not so much), once a pumpkin pie, and 2 times some basic delicious butter cookies. There are plenty of sweets in Serbia but cookies aren't a thing here, neither are pies or brownies or caramel cuts or bread pudding or cupcakes or fudge. My mouth is watering BUT as the pictures above show there are a ton of delicious Serbian/Balkan desserts that will be missed when all those familiar treats are available in just a few weeks.

This is the dough for the failed cookies above. Though the cookies themselves weren't great, the dough was beyond amazing and so we decided to feast on that for comfort instead.

There's so much more that I haven't photographed so one day this week I'll go to a few bakeries and slatkise (confectioneries) and describe those wonders as well. Now I'm off to meet with my group members for a palacinka!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience! Every time I hear someone had a good time in my home country, my heart is full! I am glad you liked our food, especially lenja pita and palańćinke!