Thursday, April 28, 2011

So many posts! An explanation

Dobro jutro ~ good morning! I got an email commenting on the number of entries recently posted so I thought I'd briefly explain why I'm doing so. For fifteen days in May while were in Montenegro we will not have internet. Then for the following eight days in Croatia I'm not sure what our living situation will be. We'll have internet and I'll definitely post stories and pictures from Croatia and Montenegro but I wanted to use my last couple of weeks with internet in Serbia compensating for those two weeks and maybe more that there'll be no posts whatsoever. If you're interested, during that time you can look to entries that you perhaps missed during this posting spree. Plus I have a list of "to posts" that I've accumulated through the year and I want to finish that list off before May 8th when we leave for Montenegro.

Today my service placement organized an intercultural day in a village in central Serbia with the youth from our organization and around Serbia. Since I know the youth who volunteer at this organization are kind and open-minded and the workshops and activities are all planned around intercultural sensitivity and exposure, I suggested that we include some of my oldest Roma students from the settlement in Nis. Otvoreni Klub (service placement) liked this idea so ten of my oldest students age fifteen to eighteen are joining us and I'm really excited to hang out with them outside of the classroom. I'll let you know how it goes!

Prijatan dan ~ have a good day!

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