Friday, April 8, 2011

Pictures to illustrate my last post

Belgrade's Parliament:

Where the session took place

Kalemegdan fortress

Skadarlija ulica, this quaint cobble-stone street, located in the Stari Grad (old city) municipality in Belgrade, is lined with cafes and restaurants which strive to preserve bohemian traditions from the early 19th century. Jill, Jelena (host sister living in Belgrade), and I walked through this street and enjoyed the atmosphere from a cafe's outdoor seating. Jelena told us this street is especially neat during summer nights when street artists sell their work and play music.

Moon. This pole is in the middle of Skadarlija and it's interesting that both sides of the arrows are written in English. There's a lot of English around Serbia, in Belgrade especially, but usual it accompanies Serbian.

This is the Roma flag (without the print and two images on the right and left of the wheel). The wheel, cakra (Romani word for wheel), represents their nomadic tradition and the blue and green represent heaven and earth

Roma street performance on International Roma Day

Parliament and other angles of Belgrade from a great view at Jelena's office.

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