Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today the weather was ideal for one of the most fun outdoor winter activities: a snowball fight! The verb in Serbian, if I'm not mistaken, is grudvati sort of 'to snowball fight' so today at work grudvali smo, we had a snowball fight! Mima and I have many times performed philanthropically by removing snow from cars and using it for artillery in our battles which commence each time we go outside. But at Ck there was so so so much pure, untouched snow on benches and tables outside that would come off with a single swipe beaconing to be played with. It didn't feel nearly as cold today as it did yesterday (though I'm told it was) because of the beautiful sunse (sun). I'd like to think this was my first real snowball fight since it included three of my co-workers and I running around the courtyard and having a blast for more than half an hour with readily accessible snow. I was the only one who kept with it the whole time but it was really a novelty to me so I had an excuse to act like a little kid. Actually I don't think you ever need an excuse to act that way so long as it's all in good fun so I take that back.

Lessons learned:
• It's not the most effective to try and catch the snowballs since they merely crumble in your hands thereby worsening the damage
• You should always have a reserve, a snowball stockpile if you will, for when you are caught off-guard
• Don't pack the snow too tightly or else it will not fall apart upon contact
• The reverse is also a no-no: if the snowball isn't tight enough it will disintegrate in midair. It's a tricky business.
• Use structures that are available for defense: tables, chairs, trees
• Keep moving! A moving target is more difficult to hit
• For those hand-eye coordination challenged (like myself), charging is worth the risk for optimum shots
• Dodge with your back. I underestimated my height when ducking causing the snowball to leave traces on my eyelashes
• Note for beginners: do not make alliances unless necessary for your ally might use your tyro status, turn on you, and turn everyone against you
• And always, although this is hopefully effortless, have fun!

I will be eager and ready to face my next match, so the damages will hopefully not be so severe:

I hope all you East-coasters are showing the blizzard who's boss by having fun in the snow!


  1. Katherine,

    The East Coast got 2+ feet of snow, which unfortunately renders all your mobility-themed lessons moot! haha! But glad to see that you're having a (snow)ball!


  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Katherine. I am enjoying the blogs and pictures especially. Thanks for keeping us all updated.