Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ok so yes I'll admit that the cold has gotten to me on more than one occasion, and yes I'll admit that I'm becoming increasingly envious of my friends and family in Hawaii who are celebrating this holiday in short sleeves but I am also discovering the perks of snow like sledding!

What fun! Though my family and I didn't find the best of hills it was a hill nonetheless and next weekend we will seek out a better one and do some other sliding activity that I didn't quite understand but it sounds fun. Plus there's ice skating and snow ball fights and, uh, you know it looks really pretty and yeah ok so maybe I miss Hawaii's trade winds. Snow is definitely still welcome is just that dreadful wind that gets to me. This week, however, it has been and will be in the 40s with sunse (sun!) which means fine temperature. And on Saturday it's supposed to snow so I'll have my first white Christmas!

My lil' sis and I after my first sledding adventure:

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