Friday, December 24, 2010

I have a theory

that some higher power is out to help me through the difficult not being home for the holiday times and here's why:
1. This whole week was in the 40s, 50s, and even low 60s! Sounds like Hawaii to me.
2. Since September I've noted how beautiful the sunsets are in Serbia, another natural beauty that I took for granted in Hawaii. It's not an everyday occurrence but on my walk home from work I try to remember to look to the sky for potential luster and sure enough 5/7 evenings this week gleamed magnificently. Here's an example:

And 3. On the morn of Christmas eve I noticed the most stunning double rainbow! I've seen one rainbow in Serbia so far and it was very faint and small and Mima was completely engulfed with its beauty as she told me it was the first rainbow she'd seen all year. I saw at least a dozen rainbows just in my last month in Hawaii, yet another Hawaiian trait gone unappreciated at the time. And right around Christmas this majestic beauty exposed itself.

So yes it is Christmas eve and yes I am dearly missing my family, friends, dogs, bed, Mom's cookies, etc. But I am so fortunate to be here experiencing this culture and these reminders of back home helped me remember that resolution.

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