Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pada sneg! It snowed!

Novi Sad's first flakes of snow fell yesterday making it my first time (that I can recall) in falling snow! People around my service placement sighed and shrugged it off but I went outside and danced around in pure bliss. Knowledgeable snow veterans told me it wasn't even a 'good snow' since it was more like rain/light sleet but I had fun and it's all the better if there's still 'good snow' to come! Mima (host sister) is only ten and is also thoroughly amused by winter and the magic of snow so we played outside for a bit making icy snowballs and catching the snow with our tongues before we were ordered to come inside so we wouldn't freeze. Then we came inside to tea cookies and hot chocolate and watched the snow falling through the window which was even more enchanting from indoors. Everyone says this enchantment is merely a honeymoon period but I think it will last through this year and hopefully through the next few years!

I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season as well!


  1. Makes me smile. Reminds me how excited Monica was when she experienced her first snowfall at UPenn. (I think she's over it now though) Im sure you will continue to enjoy your wonderful winter with your friends and host family.

  2. It snowed enough in northern France to shut down airports! It's on the way...