Monday, November 1, 2010

Oko Vojvodine: Bečej

The Pton crew took a day trip to Bečej, a city about 50 km from Novi Sad also in the Bačka district of Vojvodina. We visited it on a Sunday and it seemed like a ghost town. On weekends there are just a handful of others walking through the city center and along the river and this is true for most smaller cities or villages that I've been to. But, as you can see, there were reasons to be outside because it was relatively warm and absolutely beautiful.

The following were taken from the top of Fantast Castle created in the late 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

The empty pool that is in the bottom of the frame was filled with horses milk in its day. A peculiar way to show their riches.

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  1. Katherine, I enjoyed all these photos - from the leaping youngsters to the rolling countryside. These pictures show that Serbia is gorgeous in fall. I also learned about Kumis today. I was wondering why anyone would flaunt their wealth with a pool of horse's milk. So, I googled "horse's milk" and learned about Kumis. It is a fermented mare's milk and is similar to kefir, but as wikipedia says "Because mare's milk contains more sugars than the cow's or goat's milk fermented into kefir, kumis has a higher, though still mild, alcohol content." Thanks for teaching me something new today, as I'd never heard of Kumis before, and wondered why anyone would collect horse's milk. Aloha, Jodie