Monday, November 1, 2010

Oko Vojvodine: Zrenjanin

I went to Zrenjanin on Saturday (30/10) for an event with CK. We listened to a raging German lecture on neo-nazism and anarchy and then walked around the town and city center stopping for cake and ice cream. Quite a fun day.

City center/pedestrian zone:

Below this post I have a whole bunch of other pictures of cities and villages around Serbia. Prijatno!


  1. wow, you've posted a lot over the past few days!

    Just a quick vote of approval at your use of the metric system. I don't know why we refuse to conform. It would make everything so much easier.


  2. Thanks for showing us another side of Serbia. My neighbor who was from Novi Sad when it was Yugoslavia had her grandchildren call her Baba, so it was a pleasant feeling to hear/see that word again.