Saturday, November 27, 2010


For those of you who perhaps doubt that Thanksgiving can be done properly outside those fifty states, doubt no more. The five of us met at Andres' kitchen on Thursday morning and preceded to cook, bake, fry, dice, roll, and saute for nearly five hours with numerous breaks throughout. We peeled, boiled, and mashed potatoes, baked rolls, made stuffing from scratch, and to make our meal illustrate the multi-ethnicity of our group we made Indian samosas with a sort of Chinese sweet and sour sauce.

Asja making samosas for the first time

Jill doing some pre-meal munching on the delicious butter rolls

Surprisingly enough all of these turned out wonderfully, and we were especially taken aback by how stuffing can be made by hand as prior to this Stove Top was our usual formula. Ceca was also making full use of her kitchen baking an apple pie, the Serbian take on pumpkin pie, nine kilos of turkey breasts, and her special green bean casserole. Since none of the students had prepared a Thanksgiving meal before, we thought it best to let Ceca be in charge of the important dishes. Ceca also dressed up her apartment with tables and chairs borrowed from some new friends she made at the cafe across the street.

The beautiful table with Ceca's contributions

With some leftovers...

Everything tasted just right, we felt entirely stuffed, and we had plenty of leftovers as any well-executed Thanksgiving should, but the essential ingredient for Thanksgiving is time spent with family and that's exactly how it felt.

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