Friday, November 12, 2010

Shorthand Conference first impressions

--Fruska Gora is beautiful, view of mountains at sunset, much more space than necessary,

--Electrical outlets, where are you? that's the same in the house as well, jill and I hunted her house down and realized that the bathroom was the only room with an accessible outlt
--It's expected that you bring your visa card/passport if you're not from Serbia but my roommate forgot hers and it wasn't a problem, then some people from Kosovo checked in shortly after us and though they all had their passports and necessary papers the hotel manager treated them with such unnecessary disdain, first sign of Serbia-Kosovo conflict on a person to person level
--Conference of 41 individuals: 9 women & 31 men, working at my organization which is run by three strong women I hadn't even thought about the potential difference between women and men in the working/socially-politically minded fields but this is certainly one sample where women studies majors would shake their heads,
--Equally important to note that so far there hasn't been any form of prejudice towards the women whatsoever, quite the contrary actually there is friendliness galore!
--The comparison of Kosovo-Serbia to France-Germany keeps coming up
--The job of a translator seems awfully tiresome and requires so much concentration
--One reason why this isn't a particularly factual nor easy analysis is because I've never attended a conference like this, sure I've been to day conferences with discussions, food, and lectures, but this lasts for three days with six lectures and three discussions. At this conference with people ranging from 18-35 (the bracket considered youth in Serbia), I was the youngest so I plan on participating in these sorts of conferences as much as I can expose myself to as many people and opinions as possible!

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