Monday, November 1, 2010

Oko Vojvodine: Čerević

A couple of weeks ago I met my host mom's parents who live in a very small village about 30 minutes outside of Novi Sad in the Srem district of Vojvodina. Very small in this case means a selo (village) with less than 1,500 residents, a school that only goes up to grade 9, three working physicians who don't work on weekends, two mom and pop bakeries, and one restaurant. No hospital, no supermarkets, no chains of any kind. Such a beautiful escape from globalization, or so it seemed walking through it. But when we entered the farmer's market, there were people selling disney paraphenalia (I swear Hannah Montana has taken over all product forms around the world). And when we got into the Baba's (Grandma's) living room, I noticed the tv on B-92, a national news station. So it wasn't completely cut off from civilization as it appeared to have been from the outside. However it should still be considered a traditional, quaint Serbian village and when we took a long walk through the plantations surrounding the village I felt void of industrialization as it was field upon field of local farm land and animals. Even the grandparents had an assortment of animals (chickens, 1 goat, 1 cow) and a large garden of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that they collected from for their food.

And we ended our day with a walk along the Dunav.

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