Monday, November 1, 2010

Oko Vojvodine: Sombor & Apatin

My family has been extremely generous with taking me to meet their family in other villages or simply taking me to see other areas in Vojvodina so I can have a better understanding of the region.

Last Saturday (23/10), we drove 100 km to Sombor to see the city and along the way we stopped at another castle built by the same family, the Dunđerskis, just a few years prior to Fantast. We were guided through the castle and though I didn't understand the whole tour as the vodič (tour guide) only spoke Serbian, I picked up more than I thought I could which was reassuring.

And we were the only visitors that afternoon so they led us all through the grounds: the acre of forest behind the castle, the maid's cottage chambers, and the stables where we got to ride konje (horses)! It was quite a treat.

After this excursion we continued onto Sombor and had a nearly three hour lunch concluding with a round of "Hawaii Cup" desserts, a domestic Serbian specialty with ananas (pineapples), strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream and a thick layer of cream with a cherry on top. I love how food is such a process here. There's never any rush during meals because time stops and tasks are momentarily nonexistent. Then we walked through the city center and met up with their friend for coffee and tea.

My absolute favorite building I've seen so far has been this one. It was Sombor's old town hall and to cultivate my Princeton pride of course I had to take a picture with it.

And finally on our way home we took a wrong turn and decided to create an intentional mistake by pulling over and walking along the Dunav river in Apatin, with a far view of Novi Sad as the sun was setting.

The next day as I was thanking my host mom again for taking me, she said in her simple English "it was a great day" and paused from laboriously ironing Mima's bed sheets. And that it was.

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